We were engaged by a global player in the electrical distribution industry to carry out Environmental Site Assessment Phase-I study as per ASTM E1527-13 of a company they were acquiring. We covered two locations – one a vacant site and another fully functioning factory within an industrial estate. Both locations were situated in the outskirts of Bangalore.


The scope of the work covered historical records review, site assessments, environmental monitoring of land, surroundings and within facilities, interviews with key personnel, EH&S assessments of the industrial facility & operations, identifying major Environmental concerns/ EHS risks and recommendations. Both onsite monitoring with handheld equipment and sampling for analysis which will be later carried out in laboratory was followed in this project.


Since this was a manufacturing plant with numerous hot working processes, Workplace monitoring for Air, Noise & TVOCs was part of the study. The statutory requirements for the industry to comply with hazardous waste management were covered in detail in the study. A flood risk assessment on the factory site w.r.t a lake nearby was also carried out. Topographic maps & Satellite image maps were obtained to better understand the site settings.