We undertook an Environmental Due Diligence as a part of M&A of Well Known School in Hyderabad which was being acquired by a MNC in the educational business. We covered three campuses and one vacant site, which catered to about 4000 students in total, in 3 different localities of Hyderabad.


Site assessments and environmental monitoring of the individual sites were carried out to cover the following aspects: Location & Landuse, Site history & development, Current facilities, Water Supply, Sewage & Solid waste disposal, Air pollution sources & control, Chemical storage & handling, Environmental monitoring of land and school buildings and Compliance to Statutory requirements. Laboratorical analysis of the samples collected at site was carried out to assess various chemical, physical & microbiological parameters and compare with Standard limits. A traffic study of the major roads in the vicinity of the school campuses was also carried out. Land use maps/watershed maps were obtained to aid in the study. A hydro geological modelling study of a lake within a few 100 meters of one of the properties was carried out to assess the risks of flooding as well